January 2022

Our January introduction features dimensional upholsteries by longtime collaborator Hella Jongerius along with new wool and leather styles from the Maharam Design Studio that balance utility with luxury and reduced environmental impact.

Spindle and Washi by Hella Jongerius

Hella Jongerius is a Dutch multidisciplinary designer whose work is centered on design processes that merge the handmade with industrial production. Spindle’s design derives from Jongerius’s interest in process and weaving, which was the subject of her 2021 exhibition Hella Jongerius: Woven Cosmos at Berlin’s Gropius Bau. The design interprets a series of handmade ropes made for the exhibition and representing the central role of spinning and weaving in cultures worldwide.


Based on Jongerius’s collages made from hand-cut film, Washi transposes layers of translucent color to woven form. Using intricate blending techniques across both light and dark warps, Washi is woven with rapidly renewable materials including a richly variegated linen and a lustrous cotton that brings a subtle sheen to its rectilinear motifs.


Firma is a heathered wool with an exceedingly soft hand and high abrasion resistance. Woven with thick warp and weft yarns, its dimensional check is emphasized in colors where contrasting yarns are combined. An expansive palette comprises sixty-one colors and results from the painterly mixing of dyed fibers and its finely felted surface is brushed and then pressed for a tailored finish.


Prone is a classic, accessibly priced leather distinguished by its medium grain and supple hand. Beginning with superior raw material, Prone is minimally finished and colored with transparent dye and light pigment, and benefits from the added protection afforded by a silicone topcoat. An expanded palette includes versatile brights, rich darks, and dusky neutrals.