October 2020

The October introduction comprises four elemental textures that emphasize form, volume, and color while meeting the rigorous performance requirements of the contract setting. Two woven wallcoverings add vitality to our collection with unexpected hues and distinctive tactility. In upholstery, a sophisticated outdoor style is complemented by a sporty waffle weave with an extensive palette.

Tek-Wall Ulster

Tek-Wall Ulster is a heathered wallcovering with a dappled tweed texture. The fiber’s natural variegation and tailored surface simulate the warmth and richness of wool. 

See Tek-Wall Ulster

Tek-Wall Lucent

Woven wallcovering Tek-Wall Lucent is a technical basic that is sleek, lustrous, and crisp. High-sheen, brightly colored fills are interspersed with pearlescent yarns resulting in subtle luminosity. 

See Tek-Wall Lucent


Province alludes to the mesh netting used in sportswear with its pliable hand and broad, playful color range. Surprising hue contrasts between the plush boucle and tightly woven ground lend it a dynamic textural interplay.

See Province


Sendal is a fine, lightfast pinstripe suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its delicate variation comes from a subtly dimensional, striated warp, and its restrained linework is punctuated by ridges resembling slubs of raw silk.

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