Muuto Maharam Collection 05.17

United by a shared commitment to design, Muuto and Maharam are partnering for the first time on a special collection of furniture. While founded more than a century apart, Maharam and Muuto are driven to deliver new perspectives while embracing their design heritage. A focus on utility and longevity underlies both companies’ approaches to product development, as does a desire to design for all price points without compromise.

These values are reflected in the Muuto Maharam collection, which includes seven pieces of Muuto’s “New Nordic” furniture reimagined through the application of Maharam textiles and leathers. The Outline sofa, Oslo sofa, Cover chair, Fiber arm and side chair, Visu lounge, and Five pouf are all included in the collection.

The Fiber chair series by Iskos-Berlin was designed to balance maximum comfort and minimum space, combined with a sustainable approach: The chair’s shell is based on an innovative bio-composite material that includes up to 25% wood fibers. Ergonomic and functional, the Visu lounge by Mika Tolvanen has a timeless and recognizable profile. The details and shape of its wooden legs create an illusion of the chair elegantly floating over the floor. Meanwhile, the Cover chair by Thomas Bentzen is a modern reinterpretation of the classic wooden armchair. The clever design lets thin form-pressed plywood covers work as comfortable armrests while simultaneously ensuring the chair’s stability. Three designs by Anderssen & Voll are also featured in the collection: A rare example of an elegant lounge sofa, the Outline contrasts spacious volume and comfort while still appearing light, delicate and sophisticated. Oslo is an homage to the compatibility of sophistication and comfort. Similarly light in its expression, Oslo has a round and welcoming top while the seat is elevated by slim aluminum legs. Finally, the Five pouf evokes neatly ploughed fields with tailored strips set across a soft pentagon shape. Careful detailing and the use of quilted material create a harmonizing combination of a linear profile and gently curved edges.

The featured textiles include two new designs by Scholten & Baijings in collaboration with Maharam: the subtly patterned Tracery, and Pare, a lightweight wool blend with a faintly pointillist effect. Lift by Konstantin Grcic is an engineered spacer knit with an expansive stripe, while Messenger and Mode are two of Maharam’s most useful small-scale textures. Loam and Steep derive from Maharam’s inaugural leather collection, launched in October 2016. Following a full immersion in transparent dye, Steep’s supple hand is enhanced by a light coating of mineral oil, while Loam is a refined nubuck characterized by its dry, matte finish. Taken together, the materials present a range of intriguing surfaces that invite closer inspection across a palette of light and dark gray, sage and bottle green, copper, and clay.

The Muuto Maharam collection will debut during NYCxDesign at the Gallery NY and will be on view from May 21-24. Details below.

The Gallery NY
531 West 36th Street 
New York, NY 10018

Opening Hours:
Sunday, May 21 10:00am–5:00pm
Monday, May 22 10:00am–6:00pm
Tuesday, May 23 10:00am–6:00pm
Wednesday, May 24 10:00am–3:00pm

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