Tek-Wall Billow, Tek-Wall Hale, and Tek-Wall Interlace 05.18

Maharam continues to expand its offering of high-performance woven wallcovering with the introduction of Tek-Walls Billow, Hale, and Interlace. Complementing Maharam’s extensive collection, this grouping features a PVC-coated polyester yarn for a flexible, tactile construction. In addition, all three textiles are notable for their expansive and unexpected palettes. These broad color stories were achieved by the Maharam Design Studio in close partnership with the resource.

Billow alternates a twisted or marled yarn with a uniform yarn in a satin-weave construction to create an engaging faille surface texture with a randomized effect. A low-contrast palette of neutral, mineral-like shades and a selection of brights balances Billow’s dry hand and matte finish.

Hale features a compact woven structure in which two picks are bundled together, creating a slightly dimensional, architectural surface. Along with pearlescent shades of black, white, gray, and sea glass, Hale’s palette demonstrates a bold approach to wallcovering through highly pigmented hues of cardinal and azure plus a range of rich browns.

Interlace’s three-pick fill offers a chunky, faux basket-weave irregularly interrupted by a subtle slub whenever the three yarns rotate around each other. A modern palette of cool and deep neutrals along with earth tones of ochre, rust, maroon, and indigo lends a sleekness to the dense and technical checkerboard construction.

Launched in 1984, Tek-Wall was the first durable woven wallcovering of its time. The series continues to set performance standards for high-traffic, stain-resistant, bleach-cleanable woven wallcovering and comes with a ten-year warranty. With thirty-two Tek-Wall qualities currently on offer, the Maharam Design Studio steadily diversifies the category through the pursuit of commercial and technical advancements along with an innovative use of material and color.


Tek-Wall Billow
Introduction: July 2018
Content: 64% PVC-Coated Polyester, 36% Polyester
Colors: 17

Tek-Wall Hale
Introduction: July 2018
Content: 76% PVC-Coated Polyester, 24% Polyester
Colors: 17

Tek-Wall Interlace
Introduction: July 2018
Content: 82% PVC-Coated Polyester, 18% Polyester
Colors: 17


Tek-Wall Billow, Hale, and Interlace Stack

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