Repeat by Hella Jongerius 04.02

Maharam approached Hella Jongerius in 2001 with an open objective: to create a single textile which would permit a suite of chairs around a table to be cousins, each unique but all related. Jongerius’ design vocabulary, playing on the concept of random order, personalization of industrial processes, and manipulation of traditional manufacturing methods and materials, lent itself ideally to this concept.

Product Overview
Repeat by Hella Jongerius introduces new dimension and context to upholstery textiles. Comprised of a series of patterns of singular theme seamlessly flowing into one another over the course of several yards, Repeat Classic is a ribbon of archetypal jacquard motifs, while Repeat Dot unfurls into a modernist sequence of varied circular forms.

In Repeat Classic Print and Repeat Dot Print, Jongerius embellishes further, celebrating the industrial vocabulary of the weaving process through a layer of technical nomenclature in white lacquer overprint. Repeat Classic, Repeat Dot and their overprinted variations are each available as panels in unique colorations. A series of four elements drawn from Repeat Classic and Repeat Dot is offered in a range of colors, providing the opportunity to mix, match or mismatch.

Through the unexpected use of pattern and exaggerated scale, Repeat creates random order as fabric meets furniture with a predictable yet uncertain result.

Hella Jongerius’ work, both under her name, as well as her early work for Droog, the Dutch design collaborative, have been standouts in the world of product design for over a decade. Ancient craft technique and modern technology are manipulated by Jongerius to yield their ultimate potential. Just as material research is crucial to the world of avant-garde fashion, materials largely determine design direction at Jongeriuslab. Her designs are typified by contextual twists, historical archetypes, and by transformations from old to new.

Jongerius’ range is diverse and broadly derived. The exploration of polyurethane resulted in Soft Vases (1994) and Pushed Soft Washtub (1996). Slightly Damaged Dinner Service (1998), in which the application of porcelain extends beyond its normal boundaries through firing at excessively high temperature, exemplifies willful imperfection. The Kasese Chair (1999), a primitive wooden African prie-dieu is transformed into a modern form, coupling the elemental nature of felt with futuristic carbon fiber while preserving the poetry of the original. As the designer and curator of the exhibition “Delft in Detail,” Jongerius explored the contemporary potential of a century-old product – blue Delft porcelain.

My Soft Office, a series of Hella Jongerius products originally commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art for its Workspheres exhibition in spring 2001, is currently part of The London Design Museum’s Web Wizards exhibition. With My Soft Office, Jongerius explores how technology can be integrated into the fabric of our daily lives. She has incorporated computers into such everyday items as beds, cushions and TV dinner trays.

Repeat will be available for retail sale at the New York design store Moss, where it will be highlighted during their annual ICFF event in May.

Repeat Classic Houndstooth by Hella Jongerius
Width: 55" (140cm)
Colors: 6
Content: 40% Rayon, 35% Cotton, 25 % Polyester

Repeat Classic Stripe by Hella Jongerius
Width: 55" (140cm)
Colors: 5
Content: 47% Cotton, 27% Rayon, 26% Polyester

Repeat Dot Pixel by Hella Jongerius
Width: 55" (140cm)
Colors: 5
Content: 41% Rayon, 35% Cotton, 24% Polyester

Repeat Dot Ring by Hella Jongerius
Width: 55" (140cm)
Colors: 12
Content: 75% Cotton, 25% Polyester

Repeat Classic Print 001 Unique

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credit: Philippe Regard