Idle and Passel 08.18

Introducing Idle and Passel, two residential textiles by the Maharam Design Studio arriving in August and January. Focused on the purity and substantiality of materials without the need for embellishment, Idle and Passel broaden Maharam’s residential offering with an exploration of color, construction, and texture.

With a pronounced stepped twill construction, Idle couples linen and lambswool for an ultra-soft hand with a matte, pressed finish. Woven in the United Kingdom, Idle’s diagonal design and contrasting natural and tinted yarns infuse a tailored, geometric texture with a sense of rhythm. A subtle palette balances warm and cool undertones with tints of aqua, cornflower, gray, and black.

Passel is a highly distinctive boucle texture woven in France by the same resource that fabricates many Chanel suiting materials. Here, lofty mohair boucle and fine wool threads intertwine before being gently felted and pressed. Ten colors are evenly distributed to create a balanced plaid design that’s further unified by a constant black boucle. With a concise palette centered on unexpected combination of brights and neutrals, each color of Passel is woven on its own dedicated loom.

Introduction: August 2018
Content: 55% Linen, 45% Wool
Colors: 4

Introduction: January 2019
Content: 54% Wool, 24% Acrylic,
17% Mohair, 3% Polyester, 2% Nylon
Colors: 3

Idle Stack

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Passel 002

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