Croft and Tress 08.19

Introducing Croft and Tress, two residential textiles by the Maharam Design Studio arriving this fall. Both constructions broaden Maharam’s residential offering with explorations of exaggerated materiality and texture.

To achieve the diverse material and aesthetic range of its residential textiles, the Maharam Design Studio works with a range of specialized resources located throughout the globe. Woven by a small producer in Belgium, Croft concentrates on the understated luxury of natural materials through the marriage of wool and linen. Characteristic of the Maharam Design Studio’s emphasis on noble fibers without the need for embellishment, Croft’s visual impact is inherent to its structure—a plain weave offering subtle blooms of plush wool and taut linen. A concise neutral palette unified by a flaxen warp underscores Croft’s raw materiality and matte hand.

Tress is a highly distinctive surface whose exaggerated tactility is the result of fine, elongated chenille fibers and the cool hand of cotton and linen. Woven in Turkey, Tress’s lofty yarns create a responsive, multidirectional surface that is wholly unique. As with Croft, Tress explores refined materiality and construction in lieu of flourish. A tonal underlying ground dramatizes Tress’s luminosity in a concise palette of three neutral shades.

Maharam offers a comprehensive collection of textiles for commercial and residential interiors.

Croft 002 Angle

Hi-Resolution file size: 8.95 MB

Croft 002 Flat

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Croft 002 Stack

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Tress 001 Angle

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Tress 001 Flat

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Tress 001 Stack

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