Postalco for Maharam 10.19

Maharam introduces a new collection of accessories designed in collaboration with Postalco as part of a series developed in Japan under the creative direction of Scholten & Baijings. Unified by Scholten & Baijings’s nuanced sense of color, exceptional materials, and minimal forms, the Scholten & Baijings for Maharam collection (2017) spans a range of product types and techniques, including designs developed in collaboration with 1616 / arita japan, Karimoku New Standard, Porter Yoshida & Co. and now Postalco, a Tokyo-based design studio that specializes in leather accessories and stationery goods.

Maharam’s collaboration with Postalco began during a 2017 trip to Tokyo where Mike and Yuri Abelson elevate everyday objects through exquisite craftsmanship, materials, and attention to detail. Guided by Maharam and Postalco’s shared appreciation of refined utility, the resulting series comprises four styles—Card Holder, Travel Wallet, Legal Envelope, and Tool Box—all staples of Postalco’s collection which references postal goods and communication.

Merging utility with the unexpected, material choices were of utmost priority. Each style incorporates a pressed cotton canvas and Hue, an exceedingly smooth Maharam leather that exemplifies the Maharam Design Studio’s understated approach to luxury. Sourced from Western Europe due to the region’s excellent veterinarian practices and processed by a boutique family-owned tannery in Northern Italy, Hue’s subtle irregularities and markings are left untouched to signify the leather’s premium origin. This subtle organic surface is underscored in a saturated olive shade and alternately contrasted by an even glaze of highly pigmented citron.

Material choices are highlighted foremost by the Card Holder which is wrapped with a single piece of leather while two canvas interior pockets are fully lined with cotton and supple leather bands. Despite their flat appearance, both pockets expand to carry an assortment of cards and folded currency. Similarly, the Travel Wallet is a clutch-like carryall designed to store a variety of essentials across three expandable interior chambers. Enhanced utility is seen in two internal card-sized pockets and an exterior pen holder. As with the rest of the collection, all cut leather edges are finished with a clear, protective glaze.

Reflecting Postalco’s interest in communication on paper, both the Legal Envelope and Tool Box are designed to store stationery goods. Featuring the same envelope structure, toggle closure, and pen holder as the Travel Wallet, the Legal Envelope offers additional padding and an expanded A4 size designed to organize printed documents. Two-inch gussets allow for the stowing of slim notebooks or a laptop. The Tool Box was created in reference to an artist or architect’s case—a flexible compartment for various supplies including writing utensils and small electronics whose spacious design is enabled by precisely folded gussets and secured with a custom brass snap closure.

Launching this fall, the Postalco for Maharam collection will be available through select retailers in the US and Japan, as well as

About Scholten & Baijings
Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings founded the Amsterdam-based Scholten & Baijings, Studio for Design in 2000. Moving fluidly between artisanal and industrial processes, Scholten & Baijings creates products characterized by minimal forms enhanced by simple geometric patterning, a subtle use of materials, and an acute sense of color.

Their many clients include 1616 / arita japan, BMW Group/MINI, Established & Sons, Thomas Eyck, HAY, IKEA, Georg Jensen, Sèvres France, Karimoku New Standard, Samsung, and Moroso. Their work, both commissioned and independent, is collected and exhibited worldwide. In addition to four Dutch Design Awards, they were awarded the ELLE Decoration International Design Award (EDIDA) for Young Designer Talent in 2011 and 2014 and have twice been nominated for the Wallpaper* Designer of the Year Award (2011/2015). Reproducing Scholten & Baijings, the first monograph on the studio’s work, was directed by Maharam and published by Phaidon in February 2015. Designed by Joost Grootens, the book received an ADC Annual Award the following year.

About Postalco
Postalco is a Tokyo-based design studio that was founded in 2000 by Mike and Yuri Abelson. Guided by an interest in one’s relationship to everyday objects, Postalco began by designing stationery goods elevated by meticulous craft, materiality, and attention to detail. Their collection has since grown to encompass a range of accessories, apparel, and furniture united by utility and understatement. Their past collaborations include the Calder Foundation, Hermès, Issey Miyake, Monocle magazine, and Wallpaper* magazine.

Card Holder in Citron

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Card Holder in Terrapin

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Legal Envelope in Citron

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Legal Envelope in Terrapin

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Tool Box in Citron

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Tool Box in Terrapin

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Travel Wallet in Citron

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Travel Wallet in Terrapin

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