Taut Linen, Linen Basket, and Wide Corduroy 07.20

Arriving this September, Taut Linen, Linen Basket, and Wide Corduroy are three residential textiles that expand the Maharam Design Studio’s focus on unembellished, natural materials.

Taut Linen is a fine, unadorned texture woven in Belgium by a resource that creates linens for artist's canvases. A tight plain weave emphasizes the fiber’s refinement and slight irregularity. Light enough for window covering and strong enough for upholstery application, the delicate palette pushes beyond the natural range of linen into shades of rose, dove, and sage.

In Linen Basket, weighty yarns form a sturdy yet organically varied basket weave. A mineral palette of ivory, steel, silver, indigo, and flax underscores the understated luxury of linen, while playing up its lustrous dimensionality.

Wide Corduroy is a modern interpretation of a classic cotton corduroy. Woven in Italy by a hundred-year-old, family-owned resource, this velvet features wales of amplified scale that can be perceived as both texture and pattern. Referencing classic corduroy apparel, the palette comprises rich jewel tones, architectural neutrals, and deep pastels.

Maharam offers a comprehensive collection of textiles for commercial and residential interiors.

Maharam taut linen linen basket stack

Taut Linen Linen Basket Stack

Hi-Resolution file size: 6.07 MB
Maharam taut linen 004

Taut Linen 004

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Maharam taut linen 008

Taut Linen 008

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Maharam taut linen 009

Taut Linen 009

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Maharam linen basket 001

Linen Basket 001

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Maharam linen basket 003

Linen Basket 003

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Maharam linen basket 004

Linen Basket 004

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Maharam wide corduroy 001

Wide Corduroy 001

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Maharam wide corduroy 002

Wide Corduroy 002

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Maharam wide corduroy 004

Wide Corduroy 004

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Maharam wide corduroy 005

Wide Corduroy 005

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Maharam wide corduroy 007

Wide Corduroy 007

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Maharam wide corduroy 008

Wide Corduroy 008

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Maharam wide corduroy stack 01

Wide Corduroy Stack 01

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Maharam wide corduroy stack 02

Wide Corduroy Stack 02

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Maharam wide corduroy stack 03

Wide Corduroy Stack 03

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Maharam wide corduroy stack 04

Wide Corduroy Stack 04

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