Method 06.22

Maharam’s M Series comprises multi-purpose textiles in over 400 colors of solid textures that combine elevated aesthetics and performance at an accessible price. The Maharam Design Studio continues to expand this range—and diversify it via innovative material composition—with the introduction of Method.

Method is woven with SEAQUAL® YARN supplemented by post-consumer recycled polyester. SEAQUAL® YARN is a blend of post-consumer recycled content and upcycled marine plastic collected as part of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, a global enterprise that works with NGOs and local communities to sort, wash, recycle, and repurpose ocean-reclaimed litter. Method reflects a core philosophy of the Maharam Design Studio—to reduce environmental impact wherever possible. 

To create Method’s organically blended crosshatch, the same yarns in the warp and weft are cross dyed with cationic and disperse dyes which gravitate toward different fibers. The Maharam Design Studio carefully reviewed the combined palettes of the existing M Series to identify opportunities for fresh color, arriving at Method’s earthy palette of twenty-five low contrast colors. Designed for broad application across both seating and upholstered walls, Method is finish-free and bleach cleanable.


Method Dynamic 01

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Method Dynamic 02

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