Cipher 01.04

Textile innovator Maharam launches its first collection of fabric-based accessories. Maharam Accessories will debut at the Gift Show in New York City Maharam introduces Cipher, a vibrant new upholstery pattern created by the Maharam Design Studio.

Overlapping large and small scale pattern gives Cipher a striking 3-D effect. Lustrous yarns forming a sequence of points create lightplay and sharp contrast with a solid matte ground, further accentuating the illusion of dimensionality. Cipher’s broad palette of thirteen colors offers rich neutrals, saturated brights and dramatic color combinations.

The Maharam Design Studio, under the direction of Mary Murphy, is responsible for the development of Maharam’s extensive textile collection, ranging from the re-edition of enduring designs of the 20th century’s most noted visionaries to fashion forward concepts born of innovative technologies. Beyond the in-house efforts of the design staff, recent collaborators include French stylist Andrée Putman, Dutch industrial designer Hella Jongerius, Canadian Graphic Designer Bruce Mau, and British fashion designer Paul Smith; each has imbued the textile world with the fresh perspective of an industry outsider.

Width: 54" (137cm)
Colors: 13
Content: 54% Polyester, 46% Rayon

Cipher Group Shot 1

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credit: Sean Hemmerle