The Story of My Life by Maira Kalman 04.05

Seeking to explore figurative and narrative themes while capturing unique media and perspectives from beyond the contract textile realm, Maharam enlisted the wit of New York-based illustrator/designer Maira Kalman. Best known for her kinetic illustrations, absurdist humor, and eccentric appreciation of the mundane, Kalman was invited by Maharam to transpose her playful figures into upholstery.

Product Overview
Aptly titled, The Story of My Life by Maira Kalman presents a hieroglyphic assembly of people, places and objects that delight her. Reminiscent of the iconic illustrations framing many of her children’s books, the fluid contours of Kalman’s silhouettes are rendered on an ultra-fine denier warp, preserving the clarity of her original black and white sketches. Available in five colors, Kalman’s idiosyncratic characters are woven into a rich, dense upholstery, and further embellished with contrasting accents. Composed as an oversized repeat of more than 200 figures, songbirds, elephants, ballerinas, Rietveld Zig-Zag chairs, and wedding cakes all pop on the solid ground.Each spry detail invites a closer look, offering a glimpse into the world as Maira Kalman sees it.

“Weaving a story from the minute and the grand is my full time occupation and delight. Walking everywhere, seeing anything. Not knowing what it will be. The mystery. The surprise. The feeling of sense and nonsense happily playing together. Always again and always more.” – Maira Kalman

Maira Kalman began her illustrious career as the “M” in M&Co, collaborating with graphic designer Tibor Kalman on projects for the Talking Heads, Jonathan Demme, and The Museum of Modern Art. Now an author, designer and illustrator, Kalman has engaged her curiosity and uncanny wit across diverse assignments resulting in mannequins for Ralph Pucci, accessories for Kate Spade, set designs for the Mark Morris Dance Group, cover designs for the New Yorker, and a series of acclaimed children’s books. Still at home in New York City, Kalman is currently embroidering aphorisms and clichés, and illustrating that monument to grammar, The Elements of Style, to be published in October of 2005.

Width: 54" (137cm)
Colors: 5
Content: 83% Rayon, 17% Polyester


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