Massive Paisley 02.07

Maharam introduces Massive Paisley, a modern paisley upholstery in an exaggerated scale.

Named for the town of Paisley, Scotland, a manufacturing center that produced a majority of the paisley shawls that were popular in 19th Century Europe, the motif is considered to have originated in 16th Century Persia. Like many paisleys before it, Massive Paisley is distinguished by intricate patterning; the dense weave structure allows for a purity of color, creating a mosaic-like, multicolor effect.

Unique in its oversized scale, Massive Paisley also differs from traditional patterns by silhouetting the teardrop form on large expanses of solid ground. In application, the tension of this negative space changes the language of the upholstered piece, allowing the furniture to become more sculptural in form.

Massive Paisley
Width: 57" (145cm)
Colors: 5
Content: 76% Polyester, 24% Cotton

Massive Paisley Group Shot 21

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Massive Paisley 006 Night 2

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Massive Paisley 006 Night 3

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