Horto 05.09

Maharam introduces Horto, designed by Brazilian painter Beatriz Milhazes in collaboration with the Maharam Design Studio. Drawn from the lush iconography of Milhazes’ paintings, Horto offers a fresh perspective on botanical patterns.

The Maharam Design Studio’s history of collaboration with industry outsiders—including Maira Kalman, Hella Jongerius, Bruce Mau, and Paul Smith, among others—has resulted in a string of iconic textiles. With Horto, Maharam turns its eye to the increasingly important cultural force of the art world in the company’s first collaboration with a fine artist.

Using a collage-like technique in which she applies paint to plastic sheeting, Milhazes combines cultural imagery from her native Brazil with aspects of western Modernist painting. Overlapping motifs such as flowers, baroque tracery, and geometric forms create complex and energetic compositions that seem to burst off the canvas. Challenging Modernist aversions to the decorative surface, Milhazes’ work frankly and joyously embraces it as an aesthetic virtue, championing “art for art’s sake.”

For her textile collaboration with Maharam, Milhazes created new artwork at a bold scale in three vibrant, tropical palettes. The Maharam Design Studio worked closely with Milhazes to translate her composition of curvaceous shapes and abstracted flowers into textile form. A flat weave was chosen for the highest level of clarity in color and delineation. Intended for upholstery application, Horto meets all contract performance requirements.

The name Horto refers to the neighborhood in which Milhazes’ studio is located, next to the botanical gardens from which she derives much of her inspiration. “Horto” is a form of the Latin noun hortus, meaning “garden.”

Beatriz Milhazes lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Her work is in the collections of numerous museums around the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. In September 2008, she was the subject of a major survey exhibition at the Pinoteca do Estado in São Paolo. Milhazes was also the focus of Foundation Cartier’s spring 2009 exhibition in Paris.

Width: 57" (145cm)
Colors: 3
Content: 94% Cotton, 6% Polyester

Horto 001 Moreno

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Horto 002 Acerola

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Horto 003 Jabuticaba

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