Centric 05.10

Designed by Canadian graphic artist Marian Bantjes, Centric exemplifies a fresh take on traditional decorative pattern. Bantjes is known for her precisely detailed handwork, patterning and ornamentation, reflecting her interest in complexity and structure.

Centric takes its inspiration from the mandala, a radial cosmic diagram that appears in sacred Buddhist and Hindu art. Bantjes’ treatment is fluid, as though the pattern was rendered in wet ink; a subtle metallic luster accentuates this effect, giving Centric a dynamic, biomorphic quality. Vivid tone-on-tone combinations in copper, claret, ruby, and cyan are among the seven colors available.

Width: 154" (140cm)
Colors: 7
Content: 34% Rayon, 33% Cotton, 33% Polyester

Centric 006 Bask

Hi-Resolution file size: 6.13 MB