Pressed Plaid, Soft Tweed, Wool Rib, and Wool Striae 06.13

The Maharam Design Studio concentrates on four major themes: utility, technology, luxury, and tradition. This last concept is explored through Textiles of the 20th Century, dedicated to the faithful reissue of modernist design, and Original Contract Textiles. Typified by classic constructions, natural fibers, and an elemental character, Original Contract Textiles are drawn from Maharam's archive or are interpretations of the aesthetic principles from the time when performance-measured textiles for commercial interiors first emerged. This fall, Maharam will introduce two new pairings in this vein: Soft Tweed and Wool Rib and Pressed Plaid and Wool Striae.

Soft Tweed is a linen blend with a warm hand and supple drape. Its thick-and-thin yarns and subtle tonal variations combine in a rustic surface with a handwoven appearance. Wool Rib achieves a similar homespun effect through weave structure. Two-tone contrast emphasizes the dimensionality and slight irregularity of its vertical channels.

Woven in Scotland, Pressed Plaid and Wool Striae use dense woolen yarns to explore color mixing at a magnified scale. Both textiles employ planted, or striped, warps, but to different effect. Pressed Plaid is a crisp tartan in a vivid palette. Anchored by blocks of solid color, pointillist panes appear transparent, adding visual depth to a surface flecked by heathered yarns. Wool Striae is a careful arrangement of neutral and bright colors into a fluid vertical ombre. A smooth finish is achieved through an application of heat and pressure.

Pressed Plaid
Width: 54"/137cm
Colors: 6
Content: 100% Wool

Soft Tweed
Width: 54"/137cm
Colors: 7
Content: 44% Linen, 22% Cotton, 20% Acrylic, 8% Bamboo Viscose, 6% Nylon

Wool Rib
Width: 53"/135cm
Colors: 8
Content: 38% Cotton,29% Acrylic, 19% Wool, 7% Alpaca, 7% Nylon

Wool Striae
Width: 54"/137cm
Colors: 7
Content: 100% Wool

Pressed Plaid and Wool Striae Stack

Hi-Resolution file size: 5.85 MB

Pressed Plaid 004 Avocado

Hi-Resolution file size: 7.54 MB

Soft Tweed 007 Sepia

Hi-Resolution file size: 7.43 MB

Wool Rib 006 Magenta

Hi-Resolution file size: 7.55 MB

Wool Striae 002 Saffron

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