Agency by Sarah Morris 06.14

Maharam introduces five new colors of Agency by Sarah Morris. A modern interpretation of traditional tapestry, Agency’s bold geometric patterning  provides an ideal framework for further color exploration.

Sarah Morris is a painter and filmmaker who lives and works in New York and London. Her large-scale paintings abstract the complex patterns of the urban architectural environment and are typically executed in household gloss paint on canvas. Morris’ compositions employ a rigorous framework containing vividly colored shapes, in what she refers to as a “grid and tile” structure. The resulting compositions are highly dimensional, and at the same time flat, recalling the axonometric projections of architectural drawings.

First introduced in 2009, Agency by Sarah Morris is based on the artist’s 2005 painting, Creative Artists Agency (Los Angeles). The painting is part of a larger body of Los Angeles-inspired work that examines the city’s role as the center of image production.

Maharam and Morris worked together to add textural dimension through varying weave structures to the artist’s characteristically flat, glossy painting style. The combination of weave structures creates tactile and compositional variety within the repeating hexagonal design. The new color additions—including combinations of kelly greens, mints, teals, and oranges alongside rosy hues and earth tones—were created by examining Morris’ distinct color logic.

Agency by Sarah Morris
Width: 55"/40cm
Colors: 6
Content: 75% Polyester, 25% Cotton

Agency by Sarah Morris 004

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Agency by Sarah Morris 005

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Agency by Sarah Morris 006

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Agency by Sarah Morris 007

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Agency by Sarah Morris 008

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