Houndstooth by Paul Smith 01.15

Maharam and Paul Smith introduce Houndstooth, a jacquard upholstery textile that vividly blends two classic apparel motifs: houndstooth and windowpane plaid. Based on a silk fabric used in Paul Smith Women’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Houndstooth morphs and condenses an arrangement of jagged rhombus motifs enlarged to near-digital effect while a spacious underlying plaid traces recti-linearity within the larger permutation.

The houndstooth pattern originated as a duotone woven cloth worn by shepherds in the Scottish Lowlands during the 1800’s. Unlike other patterned wool garments demarking clan association, houndstooth’s designation was universal. Paul Smith and Maharam’s version is a modern variation on traditional houndstooth. Fine lustrous cotton offers a graphic rendering that mimics the coarse edges of homespun wool while imaginative color pairings like peacock with olive, bright persimmon with fuchsia, or chalk with acid yellow demonstrate Paul Smith’s signature use of color.

Paul Smith and Maharam have designed textiles in collaboration since 2002. Using traditional apparel as a springboard, Paul Smith has generated a diverse range of “classics with a twist.” Paul Smith’s ability to combine eccentric detail with the highest standard of craftsmanship has made him among the most successful fashion designers in British history. This textile marks an expansion of Paul Smith’s collaboration with the Maharam Design Studio in its graphic patterning and accessible price point.

Houndstooth by Paul Smith
Width: 55"/140cm
Colors: 7
Content: 72% Cotton, 28% Nylon

Houndstooth by Paul Smith 004

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Houndstooth by Paul Smith 005

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