Feltro Uno, Feltro Due, and Feltro Tre by Paola Lenti 06.15

Maharam is expanding its rug offering this October with an inaugural collection designed by Paola Lenti exclusively for Maharam.   

Feltro Uno, Feltro Due, and Feltro Tre are three color-blocked rugs that are hand-felted from virgin Italian wool. The fibers are carefully selected according to stringent aesthetic and performance requirements before being woven into a strongly constructed textile. A twenty-five-phase felting process then compacts the rug by thirty percent, rendering it resistant to abrasion, humidity, and water and thereby imbuing a handcrafted product with high-traffic performance characteristics.  

Acting as visual anchors that demarcate and augment a space in terms of both design and function, Lenti’s rugs balance warm artisanal details with a modern, industrial aesthetic. All three rugs reflect a purity of color and materials, while variation in the graphic composition and embroidered details distinguish these designs. Feltro Uno highlights the felt’s density and integrity, with the plain expanses of its single-tone components offset by zigzag and blanket stitches at the joins and borders. Feltro Due juxtaposes two colors as symmetrical, lateral swaths in a union highlighted by a heavy accent stitch. Feltro Tre conveys latitude with two single-tone panels flanked by a contrasting color. Produced to order, all three designs can be customized through alternate color combinations drawn from Paola Lenti’s extensive, proprietary palette.  

Paola Lenti
Paola Lenti (b. 1958, Italy) founded her eponymous company in 1994. Her furniture, rugs, and other functional products are recognized for their timelessness, exclusive materials, and carefully refined details. Combining traditional craftsmanship with advanced technological methods, Paola Lenti is particularly regarded for textile innovation. She is the three-time recipient of the Good Design Award and received the Elle Decoration International Design Award (EDIDA) for two individual products in 2007. Committed to promoting ethical labor and environmental practices, Paola Lenti has adopted guidelines to procure and dispose of ecological materials and to only build business relationships with entities that respect high-labor standards. Paola Lenti’s designs are available through select showrooms worldwide. 

Feltro Uno by Paola Lenti
Colors: 6
Content: 100% Wool

Feltro Due by Paola Lenti
Colors: 6
Content: 100% Wool

Feltro Tre by Paola Lenti
Colors: 6
Content: 100% Wool

Lenti Feltro Uno 001

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Lenti Feltro Due 001

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Lenti Feltro Tre 001

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