Maharam Stories 07.15

Maharam Stories was born in 2012 from the need to create a compelling, visual landing page for the newly redesigned Avoiding the typical promotional gambit, Maharam took this opportunity to develop a space for original editorial content that could entertain and inform both clients and non-clients alike.

After three years, Maharam has amassed nearly two-hundred Stories from a broad cross-section of cultural observers. This evolving roster includes Hans-Ulrich Obrist, John Maeda, Murray Moss, John Pawson, Alice Rawsthorn, Michael Rock, Stefan Sagmeister, among others. Content is wide ranging, reflecting both the curiosities of its contributors and the diversity and breadth of Maharam’s own activities.

“Of course one could say it’s merely a blog, but we seek to elevate Stories through the choice of those who participate, the freedom of expression we permit them to pursue, and the quality and thoughtfulness of imagery and production,” says Michael Maharam.

This freedom is evident in the range of topics from Felix Burrichter’s series of favorite floors to Alice Rawsthorn’s musings on a nineteenth-century Viennese chocolate shop designed by Josef Hoffmann to Travis Boyer’s observations of an online sweater dealer with a mohair fetish. The strong imagery and five-hundred word format lends itself to print, and a book was an obvious next step.

The publication also gave Maharam a chance to work with a longtime friend, Dutch book designer Irma Boom. Known for her inventive and irreverent object-like books, Boom constructed the physical Maharam Stories as a series of folded pages that conceal and reveal each text in a rigorous yet playful manner. Printed in Italy, the full-color images and cobalt blue type are positioned thoughtfully to elicit exploration and discovery.

Maharam Stories will be published by Skira Rizzoli on July 14, 2015. It is the fourth book Maharam has directed in recent years, after Reproducing Scholten & Baijings (Phaidon, 2015), Irving Harper Works In Paper (Skira Rizzoli, 2012), and Maharam Agenda (Lars Müller, 2011).

Edited by Michael Maharam with Bailey Salisbury; 224 Pages;
6" x 8.5"; 150 color illustrations; hardcover;
$29.95; Skira Rizzoli; ISBN: 978-0-8478-4517-0.

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