Margin, Interval, and Ambit 02.17

Maharam is expanding its rug offering this March with an inaugural collection of high-traffic rugs designed in-house. A first for the Maharam Design Studio, Margin, Interval, and Ambit join an existing collection of rugs that are either designed in collaboration with Paola Lenti or created by Danskina, the Dutch rug company co-owned by Kvadrat and Maharam that is now under the creative direction of Hella Jongerius. Woven domestically on specialty velvet looms, these three styles balance warm, personalized details with a modern, architectural aesthetic. Furthermore, with the ability to be configured to any size or section of the repeat, Margin, Interval, and Ambit have vast potential for customization. In reimagining a typically anonymous contract product through customization and elevated materials and colors, this initial grouping reflects the Maharam Design Studio’s belief that every product category should fuse utility with luxury and innovation.

Margin, Interval, and Ambit are tailored surfaces composed of substantial New Zealand wool: a material selected for its exceptional aesthetic and performance attributes. Margin’s large, 12' repeat offers a progression of crisp pinstripes across a refined, low-pile epingle surface. Richly heathered grounds in a range of menswear neutrals offset slim infusions of coral, charcoal, mandarin, and turquoise. Interval, on the other hand, features densely arranged vertical stripes in a spectrum of colors that shift across horizontal bands of uncut loops. Anchoring ambient, blended color to the floor, Interval balances warm and cool neutrals with unexpected shades of mauve, cadmium, lemon, blush, and lapis. The loftiest of the three, Ambit is a multicolor gradient overlain with horizontal stripes of contrasting loops. Underscored by a warm, earthy palette, Ambit’s 6' repeat appears as a lively wash of color from afar.

Serving as refined visual anchors to demarcate a range of interior settings, all three designs reflect the Maharam Design Studio’s desire to innovate along with a careful consideration of intended use. Engineered for versatility and performance, Margin, Interval, and Ambit’s color direction is largely appropriate for broad application but borrows unexpected heathered neutrals or nuanced organic tones typically found in fashion and residential design. While industrially produced, each design references the personalization of artisanal production in the placement of irregular wool loops, lofty, fibrous pile, and neutral cotton-bound borders. Pre-inventoried, the rugs can be ordered with a two-week lead time. Rug estimates as well as customized schematics will be available through

Colors: 6
Content: 100% Wool

Colors: 5
Content: 100% Wool

Colors: 4
Content: 100% Wool

Margin 003

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