Imbue, Lana, Plume, and Pressed Linen 02.17

In developing textiles suited for residential application, the Maharam Design Studio continues to offer a distinct and differentiated point of view that emphasizes purity, substance, and simplicity of materials across refined constructions that are purposely devoid of embellishment. For spring, Maharam will introduce four new textiles that demonstrate the studio’s commitment to this concept, expanding a series that has previously explored noble, natural fibers like camelhair, cashmere, horsehair, merino wool, and silk.

Following the recent introduction of Quell and Slumber—two linen upholstery textiles featuring boucle and chenille textures—Pressed Linen offers a timeless and substantial expression of linen. Woven in Belgium, Pressed Linen features a single weighty yarn in both the warp and weft, resulting in a dimensional surface with an elegant drape and handwoven appeal. In deference to the material, the concise palette features cool grays as well as bleached warm neutrals ranging from cream and ecru to driftwood.

Plume blends the cellulosic fibers of linen, cotton and rayon with a modest amount of nylon to produce a durable construction with a softly napped surface. Again reflecting homogeneity in the warp and weft, an underlying structure of fine cotton supports a loosely entangled, crimped yarn with fibrous blooms that have been gently pressed. This organic texture is emphasized across two naturally variegated colorways.

Material contrast is the focus of Imbue, with a low, matte pile softening sleek metallic stripes. Woven by a domestic resource known for its novelty yarns and specialty constructions, Imbue combines a fine chenille yarn with knitted, lustrous rayon. A compact construction, discreet scale, and architectural palette balance these high-impact materials for a tailored but sumptuous effect.

In addition to these three upholstery qualities, the Maharam Design Studio developed a rug characterized by an unhindered expression of premium natural materials. The first of its kind, Lana is woven in Guatemala with long-staple wool fibers from New Zealand. A flat weave, Lana features a richly variegated striae woven on custom warps, each with four specially dyed yarns chosen to complement the colors of natural floor materials such as stone or wood. Meticulously finished with hand-stitched linen binding, Lana underscores Maharam’s essential and understated definition of modern luxury.

Width: 53" (135cm)
Colors: 8
Content: 70% Rayon, 30% Polyester

Width: 144" (366cm)
Colors: 3
Content: 80% Wool, 11% Polyester, 9% Jute

Width: 53" (135cm)
Colors: 2
Content: 53% Rayon, 30% Linen, 16% Cotton, 1% Nylon

Pressed Linen
Width: 49" (124cm)
Colors: 5
Content: 46% Linen, 44% Rayon, 10% Nylon

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Imbue, Lana, Plume, Pressed Linen Stack

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