September 2020

For our September introduction the Maharam Design Studio made texture their point of focus. The depth of this exploration is evident across upholsteries comprising renewable materials like cotton, linen, and wool, in addition to three contract styles characterized by intricate structure and novel color.

Wide Corduroy

Woven in Italy by a hundred-year-old, family-owned resource, this velvet features wales of amplified scale that can be perceived as both texture and pattern.

See Wide Corduroy

Taut Linen

Taut Linen is a fine, unadorned texture woven in Belgium by a resource that creates linens for artist’s canvases. A tight plain weave emphasizes the fiber’s refinement and slight irregularity.

See Taut Linen

Linen Basket

In Linen Basket, weighty yarns form a sturdy yet organically varied basket weave. A mineral palette highlights the long staple fiber inherent to linen, playing up its luster and dimensionality.

See Linen Basket


Flint’s jacquard woven structure plays with the tension between pattern and texture. This graphic contrast is further highlighted by the combination of a downy chenille with a glossy filament yarn.

See Flint


Woven on a cotton warp, Hearth’s irregular structure causes the wool blended fibers to bloom at random intervals, generating an organic and supple surface.

See Hearth


Linden blends a multicolor boucle with a fine chenille to form a mossy texture that is both refined and lush. Areas of alternating density and openness create a distressed look.

See Linden

See our September 2020 Maharam Digital Projects video here.