by Hella Jongerius and Franciska Meijers

Hours by Hella Jongerius translates atmospheric shifts in light and color into woven form. Produced in Scotland as a traditional dobby homespun, Hours is available in two variations, Day and Night.

Created in a full-width gradation, Hours uses tints and shades drawn from naturally occurring wool colors, an effect achieved by mixing fleece from two breeds of sheep, White Suffolk and Mid Brown Jacob, in combination with subtle overdyeing. An ancient breed that originated in Syria, the Jacob is distinguished by its multiple horns and variegated black or dark brown and white fleece. Once popular as living lawn ornaments decorating the grand estates of the British nobility, the Jacob is now quite rare, numbering only five thousand sheep worldwide.

This whimsical hand-drawn animation imagines a flock’s after-hours festivities—with guest appearances by some of Jongerius’s iconic ceramic designs—when the sheep can finally let their fleece down. . . .  

Hella Jongerius is a Berlin-based industrial designer and founder of Jongeriuslab.

Franciska Meijers is a student at Design Academy Eindhoven and recent intern at Jongeriuslab.

Music: Johann Sebastian Bach. Violin Partita no. 1, 1720. Recorded by Gidon Kremer, 2005